All Prices shown in this table are rough estimates only and will be finalized only after a site visit, HOA approvals, County approvals and negotiations on materials and specifications required for each deck. However these prices are representative of actual projects we have completed

SizePressure TreatedTrex SelectPer StepLandings
10 x 10$4,200.00$5,500.00$400.00$700.00
10 x 12$4,920.00$6,600.00$400.00$700.00
12 x 12$5,760.00$7,920.00$400.00$700.00
12 x 14$6,720.00$9,240.00$400.00$700.00
14 x 14$7,840.00$10,780.00$400.00$700.00
14 x 16$8,960.00$12,320.00$400.00$700.00
16 x 16$10,240.00$14,080.00$400.00$700.00

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